Friday, January 15, 2010

Tillmans Roadhouse- A Review

I have a new favorite restaurant.  I'm in love.  Now, I believe good dining consists of two things: food and atmosphere.  If I were being really honest I would rank atmosphere above food.  I know, I'm crazy, but I would rather eat decent food at an amazingly decorated place than great food at a hole in the wall.  Luckily, this place has both- amazing food and amazing decor.

It's called Tillmans Roadhouse.  There is one in Dallas- I believe it's in the Bishop Arts District.  The one that I have been to is in Fort Worth in some of the new development going on there around 7th street. 

First of all, check out the decor.

This is the party room in dallas.  I think it looks amazing.  Someone please throw a party for me here.
Here is the party room in Fort Worth.  The designer just has an amazing way to combine the rustic with the chic.

Here is a view of the bar.  Love the stacked logs.  Love everything.  My dream is to design spaces like this.

Here's the patio.  An Eames rocker next to a stack of logs.  Perfect. 

Now let me say a word about the food.  Yummy!

It's a great blend of good wholesome down home food in an upscale way.  Make sense?  Probably not.  They have Venison Frito Pie.  I didn't try that one.  They have a french fry trio.  I did try that.  Regular potatoes with parmesean and herbs, sweet potatoes, and purple potatoes.  Homeade ketsup and another sauce.  That's really all you need.

But don't stop there.  Get their daily lemonade special- the Basil Lemonade is to die for.  Then, you could try a gourmet grilled cheese and a soup of the day.  Or one of the other amazing things.  Check out the menu HERE. 

Save room for Tableside Smores.  It's amazing (have I said that enough?).  Okay, they bring a tray with 3 flavors of homeade marshmallows, homeade graham crackers, homeade chocolate, and a little burner to roast them on.  It's fun and good.  They also have a cupcake tower which comes with 2 cupcake flavors 2 icings and 3 topings and you ice and top your own.  I dream of trying that.  I think it comes with like 12 cupcakes so in order to avoid eating all of them, I need some people to go with. 

Another view of the interior. 

And another.  I think chandilears like this are best paired with wood siding and concrete floors.  It's the only way to go. 

Now that I've shared this I will be dreaming of it all weekend.  I hope you will too.  If anyone wants to share the cupcake tower with me, I'm in!



Crystal said...

I'm all about that cupcake tower! Seriously not on my diet, but I don't care.
I don't really like 'fancy' dining, but this sounds good.

Blondie's Journal said...

I am a lot like you Cat...atmosphere is everything to me at a restaurant. If time can't be spent on the decor and making patrons comfortable, how will the food be?

What a wonderful place. The food sounds eclectic and delicious. Love to try those fries! Yum!

Thanks, Cat, and thanks for stopping by! :-)


Lori Calder said...

Upon your recomendation, Kendall and I went to Tillmans for lunch yesterday with a rep. Great place! I had the burger with sweet potato fries. We were stuffed, so missed out on desert. But next time, I am definitely getting the S'mores.

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