Thursday, January 21, 2010

Don't Miss Penny Sale to Make Your own Art

This is a little late notice but Aaron Brothers is having a buy one get one for a penny sale on Canvases.  What does that mean?  Run, don't walk to Aaron Brothers and buy some.  Why, because you can make your own art.  Yes, you can.

It's easy.  Grab some paint while you are there and paint the canvas.  It doesn't have to be perfect.  I painted a square.  Doesn't get more basic than that.  I wish I had a better picture but it's dark, my baby is asleep, and I'm sipping tea by the computer so I won't be doing any detailed photography at this hour.  This photo will have to do. 

So, canvas, paint, brush.  Do it.  The magenta background color is straight out of the tube, painted straight on the canvas.  Then, I darkened it a little with some black and painted a square.  I didn't measure, or draw lines or tape it off.  Just drew a square.  It got much bigger than originally planned becuase I kept trying to make the lines straight.  They aren't and I got over it.  Then I added some water to the leftover paint and splattered the darker paint on the canvas.  I felt like a real professional. 

Here's my unsolicited design tip of the day:  your art doesn't have to match your decor.  it can if you want it to, but it can also stand alone as a feature.  I chose pink (magenta).  I knew I would never get away with that color in any other form as long as my husband has something to say about it but call it "art" and he has to deal :-) 
Decor Mamma

So make it special, make it yours, and best of all- make it cheap!

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pat said...

Hi Cat, Wasn't sure what blog to leave my thank you on. :-) I hope you find this. I just wanted to thank you for visiting junkblossms and for leaving such a nice commment. Come back soon!

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