Thursday, January 3, 2008


While I believe the worlds best projects are the ones I work on*, every once in awhile other people come up with great designs too. Here you can see both... well eventually... when I get more posted.

Acid Stained Concrete
Bathroom Makeover
Painting Stripes on Textured Walls
Fireplace Remodel
Chalkboard Tutorial

Dunkin Donuts Prototype

* Don't worry, I'm not being serious about my designs being the best.

Product Reviews

I appreciate good design all around and I'm always looking for products that are extra cool. Some things I've tried personally, some I just want to try.

Tillmans Roadhouse Review
NYLO Hotels
Ornament/Photo Tree
Umbra Loft at Target

Modern Nursery Stuff

Modern Tea Stuff

Party Stuff

Modern Shoes

Modern Fireplace Screens

Modern Knives
P.S. I don't get paid or free product for anything I review (oh, I would love to *hint hint* but I'm not there yet)


I have lots of opinions. You can agree or disagree, either way... it's all good.

The one about Modern vs. Contemporary

The one about being tired of 'Green'
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