Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Nelson Bench

A classic piece of furniture. So simple. So beautiful. It's a popular item in museums for the seating. Designed by George Nelson- you can find his bio HERE.

He also designed the clock that is in my heading. Cute clock.

Back to the bench. I have one. It's awesome in real life. I think it's the coolest piece of furniture I own (Ikea and West Elm are cool... just in a different way). The bench sits at the end of our bed. How did I get this amazing bench? Well, I won it in a drawing at a continuing education event from Herman Miller. My co-workers were quite jealous. It came with authenticity papers and everything. I love this bench.

My child does too, just in a different way. A way I don't really approve of.

That little munchkin better keep his 4 teeth off my bench or he's going to be banned from the bedroom!

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