Thursday, November 1, 2007

Modern Fireplace Screens?

I've been looking for a modern fireplace screen over the past few days and I've found that it's a lot harder than one might think. There are some beautiful options out there but finding one you can afford is nearly impossible. Here is what my research has found...

Chiasso has 2 of my favorites:
Screen 1 - This is probably my all time favorite although I wonder if it would be hard to keep clean
Screen 2- This one is way too expensive but I love the way it looks!

Kitchen Accessories Unlimited
This site has some really great screens and even better tools. They act like it's a bargain but they don't seem like that great of a deal to me.

Crate and Barrel
This is actually the one we ended up going with. It's a good looking screen and the best price I found.

Fine Living
Several nice options here the first one is a great price but $700 for the last one? I don't think so.

Contemporary Fireplace Screen. This is actually a bad example. I love target but this ugly screen looks anything but contemporary.

Okay, I'm tired of looking- I hope this gives you a good start to find your own modern fireplace screen.


DesignKat said...

Ok....I have to admit that the modern/contemporary style is not my favorite look. Debbie knows this and she still likes me so there is hope that I can still be accepted as a good designer. ha-ha With that being said, I really like these fireplace screens and accessories! I have an eglectic thing going on at my pitiful house so maybe it won't hurt to indroduce some modern flare on my fireplace. I think you made a great decision, Cat. Can't wait to come over and see them in person.

plumbing said...

A fan fireplace screen is named for its shape, which is a fan. The fan fireplace was a popular fixture in Victorian homes and works well in older homes where the decor is early American, Victorian, or centers around antiques.

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