Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wall Stickey- Blik Wall Graphics

Since our house doesn't have a playroom our living room can get a little flooded with toys.  In order to keep it under control I created a corner where the toys could go- and C could play. 

 The red shelf was a lucky find.  I hijacked it from my brother when he wasn't looking (no, seriously).  It fits perfectly and can double as a bench (when not filled with toys).  A group of carpet squares creates definition in the space and the most wonderful find- a big tree sticker. 

The big blank wall was bugging me and I wanted something that would work for a play area but not look too juvenile in the living roomCheck out Blik for some amazing wall stickers.  I looked at a ton of wall stickers and this site had the coolest. 
It was relatively easy to put up although I did ask a friend to come help.  Thanks Dina!



Dina said...

It looks great!

vozzek69 said...

Blik really does make some cool and unique stuff! Wall Sticker Outlet is another good company for kids wall stickers - they've got thousands of designs, and lots of different tree wall stickers for boys and girls rooms.

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