Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Tillmans Roadhouse Love

I posted HERE about my love for Tillmans Roadhouse.  I still love it.  So. Very. Much.  and I have an update I want to share. 

I decided that because I was so inspired by Tillmans it would be a good field trip for my Intro to Interior Design class.  I wrote Tillmans in Fort Worth and told them I loved their restaurant and I wanted to bring my class.  They happily agreed and even contacted the interior designer and asked him to come give us a tour. 

Well, he did come give us a behind the scenes tour and some insight to his design decisions.  We went before the restaurant opened for the day so the place was all ours.  The students loved it and I so appreciated a designer taking time out of his schedule to give students a tour.  Not everyone will do that. 

Then the school paid for my class to eat lunch since the food presentation is a part of the experience.  It was wonderful and I am so appreciative of their hospitality.  They even picked up the tab for our smores dessert.

Go and show Tillmans some love.  You won't regret it. 

 This is the outdoor dining area in Fort Worth.  I want my back porch to look like this.
 They have a beautiful table setting.  That popcorn is served instead of bread and it's tossed with truffle oil and it is to die for.  I don't even like popcorn.  Amazing!

A few weeks ago we celebrated my dad's birthday at the Tillmans in Dallas.  I had never been there for dinner and it is just as good as lunch except they do not have flavored lemonade at dinner.... or the grilled cheese.  That was disappointing.
 This is what I ate.  It was good.  If you go try the goat cheese tator tots.  Then bring one back for me.  They are too rich to eat the whole serving. 
The party room in Fort Worth.  I'll say it again.  Someone have a party for me there.  I'm sure I have done something worth celebrating. 

Don't answer that.


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