Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fabric For Your Walls, Affordable Art

I came across this picture today while I was researching for my class.  I actually googled "fabric wallpaper" and got this picture as one of them.  I am not sure what it has to do with fabric wallpaper but I'm grateful to add it to my collection of inspiration.  For the record, I'm not googleing "fabric wallpaper" so that I can promote that as a finish in any way to my students.  I'm not against fabric wallpaper but one must be careful with it's use.  I don't think first year design students are ready for fabric wallpaper- I simply wanted to show them that fabric can go on the walls... under supervision of a trained professional designer.  Sorry, I needed to clear that up.  Here is the picture.

I don't know the source, if I looked hard enough I could probably figure it out, but who has time for that. 

How cool is this?  We could all do this.  Needlepoint hoops and some fabric.  Probably leftover or scrap fabric.  I'm looking for a place in my home to do this.  Then I need a bunch of fabric. 

Just wanted to share.  Hope you enjoy!


1 comment:

Lisa said...

I love this idea! I might have to try this out as well, I seem to have a lot of blank walls these days.

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