Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Kitchen- What will one day be.

Last week I showed you the state of our kitchen after a few upgrades.  Today, I will show you the upgrades we can’t afford.  One day I will show you what my dream kitchen would be but will never happen in this house.  No, what I’m showing you today is affordable… just not by us right now. 

January 029The floor.  Yuck.  I dislike ceramic tile.  Well, I can’t say always because there are some good ones out there.  Our backsplash is ceramic tile.  For the floors- go with porcelain.  Just trust me. 

Naturally, ripping it up and starting over would be my preference.  Someone did a bad job grouting and it’s coming up in a lot of areas, the colors are ugly and seem to always look dirty, and the green accent tile just isn’t my kitchen color. 

I’ve been doing some reading and I think that we can remove just the green tile and replace it with something a little more “now”.  Then, we can scrape up all the loose grout and grout over everything with a new gout (I would select one that is the same color as the light tiles so the floor would hopefully look much smoother).  kitchen tile

Here is the tile that I would like to replace them with.  It’s called Fabrique from Daltile and it’s beautiful in person.  It’s hard to tell on the screen but when it’s in the kitchen it’s the perfect compliment to the other colors that are going on in there. 

It’s probably much harder than it sounds but I’m guessing the cost to have someone come do it for us would be much, much more. 




That’s project #1.  Project #2 involves the nook I talked about HERE.  Yes, I know I just changed it to this:

february 260

But I’ve had something else designed for a long time now… just waiting on money to magically appear in our account.  Here’s the design.  kitchen

Pretty basic.  Upper and lower cabinets from Ikea.  The lower ones look like thisbase cabinets




And the upper ones look like this  upper cabinets

And I have this cute desk picked out shown right and I can’t find it on their web site.  It better not be discontinued!  I have had this drawn for like 3 years so it’s possible that it will be gone by the time we are ready to do this.  The countertop would probably be butcher block and the backsplash would be mirror tile. 

This would accomplish a few things: give me a serving buffet area for parties (though I don’t have a lot now, I would love to have more in the future) and allow me to move my pantry from the open shelving in the laundry room to the kitchen- behind these nice cabinets.  Then, in the pantry- I would create little “lockers” and turn it into a true mudroom. 

I know I’m just dreaming here but it gives me something to look forward to.  There are other things- like replace the countertops and actually get a range and microwave that has the same finishes as the other appliances… but this comes first… unless something else does.


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