Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Writing on the Wall- Putting Words on Your Walls

Putting words on the wall is popular right now and I’m a big fan.  As discussed before, a small child used a mop to texture my walls (or that’s what I must assume).  Many years ago (like 2) I wanted words on my wall and I found a great company that would let me customize it in vinyl.  I ordered a sample and it didn’t stick over the mountains of texture.  So, I had the brilliant idea to just paint them on.  BRILLIANT. 

I designed it in photoshop, printed it full size, put contact paper on both sides, used an knife to cut out each. individual. letter.  then traced it on the wall and painted inside the lines.  Of course, I couldn’t use it as a stencil because the walls were too textured (have I mentioned that?)  Yes, I thought about using a projector but I did this in the entry hall and it’s just too small to get the projector far enough away from the wall. 

Here’s how it turned out.
January 094
January 095
See the texture.  Who’s idea was that?
Sometime later I discovered the company Uppercase Living.  They have all sorts of wonderful wall words and I had to have one.  I forgot all about my unruly walls and ordered “Create” for my craft room.  I worked so hard getting that sucker on the walls I was sore the next day.  What did I learn?  It is possible to put them on textured walls- it will just take longer.  You really, really, really have to put a lot of pressure when you are rubbing them on.  Also, your fingers are going to be much better tools than the applicator thing they recommend.  Go Slowly and rub each letter with your fingers to get stuck down.  If you press too hard the spiky texture will poke right through the vinyl-not good.  It won’t lay as flat as it would if you had flat walls but it works and hasn’t peeled off yet.
create wall art
Attempt #2.  I tried a custom one for my son’s room.  It was much easier to apply (if you call 7 months pregnant on a ladder easy) because the letters were thinner.  I believe it did take me about 4 days to get it finished though.
cason verse
And the last one.  You can see more about it HERE.  Someone had the good sense to re-texture the kitchen before we moved in.  I can say that the letters look better but they were not much easier to install.   
february 263
I think these work best on walls that are completely smooth.  I would love walls that are completely smooth.  Meanwhile I will make due with what I have.

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Connie said...

You know, I still can't believe you did that by hand. And to think I was going to attempt that very same feat.

Thank GOD for Uppercase Living. And I'm serious.

You did AWESOME.

Denise Marie said...

love it!!

Debbie~ said...

They're all beautiful, all your hard work really paid off! How wonderful! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

Anonymous said...

No, writing is not cool. Not only is it lame, it hurts the resale value of the home.

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