Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Clear Dining Chairs

A few months ago I was on the hunt for clear dining chairs.  We had purchased a table and it had been sitting chairless for a few months.  That’s how we roll.  It’s one baby step of a project at a time over here so if you don’t have money for chairs, you don’t get them. 

Since the dining table was in a narrow space and I like the rug underneath- I thought using clear chairs was a good way to maintain an open feel… and at the time, they were not very common so I liked that aspect as well. 

Of course, during my search David on HGTV does a room and uses the very chairs I want.  Punk.  The room turned out great and the chairs were a big hit.  But let me tell you a little something about those chairs.  Something I knew but a lot of viewers may not have known.  They have been around for awhile, designed by Phillipe Stark and are NOT cheap.  Like $400 each not cheap.  I don’t pay $400 for much of anything around here.  My dining table didn’t even cost $400 so I’m most certainly not going to pay $400 PER CHAIR.  I’m sure there is a knockoff but if I remember, it’s still more than I wanted to pay. 

Here’s the room David did- you can sort of see the chairs- sort of not because… well, they’re clear.


Here are some of the chairs we looked at on this search for clear.

louis ghost stackable dining chairs.jpg

The Ghost Chair from Kartell found HERE- Originals are around $400.  Yeah, already ruled these out.

Product Image Acrylic Dining Chair- Clear

Acrylic Dining Chair from Target found HERE.  $159.99   Like it but don’t love it.  I that looked a little more classic.


Vapor Chair from CB2 seen HERE.  $179.00  Love this chair.  They have a barstool too.  Only problem is- we don’t have a CB2 anywhere nearby and I couldn’t sit in one.  Also, still would love to have a better price.  Yeah, we are cheap.

The Tobias Chair from Ikea seen HERE.  $99.00.  And this is the one we went with.  We looked at them in the store for months before we actually purchased them.  They are quite comfortable and really look nice.  Of course, even at that price we had to purchase 2 then wait a few months and purchase the other 2.  Oh well, we made it work. 

Here’s a photo of them in our house.

Well, that doesn’t tell you very much at all since now, we have a very cool rug underneath and the backpack is usually not allowed to rest there. But I don’t feel like taking another picture right now so this will have to go. 

Hopefully this helps if you are on a quest for clear dining chairs!


Jessica said...

Wow, it’s looking amazing, good product!! You can find more designer Dining Chairs here…..

Julie @ Hotlegs Runner said...

Hi there! I chanced upon your blog while doing some research on the Tobias chair. I understand that it has been months since you purchased these chairs and I just wanted to ask their condition now? I noticed that the ones displayed in Ikea yesterday had scratches on them. =(

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