Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What's Your Design Style?

I've decided I hate that question. I realize that I have a poll on the right asking just that but that's beside the point. I also realize that in my business, it's the easiest way to start to figure out what your client might want, but it's too limiting. Why do you have to limit yourself to a particular "style"? I think everyone should be allowed to have a personal style that may draw from other eras and styles but not confined by them. I tend towards a contemporary style, with touches of mid century modern, fabrics from the baroque or victorian periods, the woods of prairie style, a couple of things out of the latest pottery barn catalog, the affordability of ikea, and asian acessories. Does that give me bad taste or make me a bad designer? I don't think so. Maybe a better question is "What inspires you?". So, what inspires you?

1 comment:

Mom said...

Green inspires me. What does it mean if that is my favorite color? And since you are not limiting yourself to one style, how about you come over and help me redesign my bedroom around the green oriental rug that has been rolled up for 2 years!?

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